About Us 

Personal international is a cross border organized and operating personnel consultancy, whose main areas of activity are
- the recruiting and
- the placement
of experts and executives with experience in any industry branch.
We are building bridges between companies and new employees, between people and new challenges and often between different cultures and mentalities.

We seek to build up long lasting and sustainable client relationships. We accomplish this by consequently orienting to the needs of our clients while taking into consideration their particularities and eventually by placing exactly the right candidates.
We strive to understand our clients, their business and their corporate culture and internal organization to perform a good job. A fair and open contact in all situations and a steady availability are significant for our self-understanding as a service provider.
We move within a people’s business and that’s why the relationships between people are of a high importance for us.
Besides empathy and social competence, our consultants have extensive experience in several industries and a very high expertise.. Each consultant is locally rooted with a considerable professional and social network and knows the mentality in his or her region. They think globally and are open for new challenges, which shall not be tied to a certain region or industry.