All Western European countries are facing a big demand for experts which they cannot cover by themselves. The keywords „demographic change“ and „lack of experts“ are to be found in the media over and over, rolling out dramatic future scenarios, especially in the area of health and care.

Personal international dedicates itself to this challenge and applies itself to the proactive search for experts. In East and South European countries, we meet especially physicians and nursing staff, whom we inform comprehensively about career opportunities in Western and Northern Europe.
Many of them are prepared to look for a new professional and private future abroad. We accompany these people on their way, which takes several months, sometimes even several years.
We bring them in contact with language teachers and language courses; we take care of the Approbation / permission to work / recognition / registration in the respective target country and eventually we search for a job.
Our services do not stop at this point. We assist our candidates in managing the usual problems of immigrants: search for accommodation, contact with authorities, schools etc.
This may result in a personal relationship along the professional promotion and the placement in the next employment. And the next …

More and more people confide in us. Meanwhile, we have a constantly increasing pool of experts, who we collect in our data bank.

We have applied for Approbation / working permission / recognition for many physicians from the EU as well as from outside the EU – and received it.
Many physicians have found a new professional and personal home by our activities.

Our services include:

  • identification and address of candidates
  • organization of interviews and the attending of classes
  • administration of the Approbation / permission to work (application, contact to authorities)
  • consulting at every stage of the procedure
  • more individual services