Due to the demographic development and the shortage of experts in the western industrial countries, the challenges in recruiting are changing. It will become harder and harder to recruit the right candidates in the usual ways and find them near the company.

personal international has already adapted our business model in light of these challenges by

  • recruiting experts and executives not only on the local market of our client but interntationally as well.
    By our international organization, the targeted search is also possible abroad,
    e.g. Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece by the employees in the local offices.
    This is, what makes the difference between us and other recruitment companies.
  • having brought to perfection the direct approach, the “head hunting” in all its facets and gaining more and more suited candidates this way.
    Of course, the good old print advertising is still in use; but increasingly only combined with the direct approach and in an electronic form on the job platforms in the internet.
    Nevertheless, there are cases, in which a print ad in a newspaper is adequate.

Together with our clients, we define the search strategy and execute also the sensitive direct approach in close coordination with our clients.
Rightly so, we can claim, that we are complying with the recruiting demands of our clients on the highest level.

Our services are made up in moduls and comprise

  • wording and placement of ads
  • identification and address of candidates
  • organization of interviews and stages
  • administration of the local admission / permission to work (application, contact to authorities)
  • consulting at every stage of the procedure
  • more individual services