First of all, we are just listening to our possible candidates.
Tell us about your desires, plans, objectives; your education and your skills.

In the next step, we will inform you about career opportunities and remuneration in the countries, you are interested in; also about admission.

We are active in

  • Germany
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark

Jobs in the private enterprise are quite easy to get. Here, the employing company decides, if the qualification and the language skills of the candidate are sufficient.

On the contrary, medical professions are subject of governmental supervision. That means, candidates have to apply for admission, to work as a physician, nurse or therapist.

It is crucial to develop an individual strategy, based on the desires and skills of the candidates on one hand side and the circumstances and requirements for admission in the target countries on the other side.
To realize the strategy is the most important and difficult part of the whole procedure.

After this, we go into detail of the admission procedure in the medical professions:

The language knowledges of the candidate have to meet the requirements of the target country. Normally, the level B2 is required, at least to apply for the admission. In most countries, a personal interview is part of the admission procedure (exception: Switzerland). In some countries, we cooperate with language teachers, who teach our candidates either personally or via the internet.

We tell our candidates, which documents need to be copied for the application and legalized, if needed.
We are checking scans of these copies. As soon as the copies are complete and prepared the required way, we ask our candidates to mail us the paper copies.

Subsequently, we submit the complete application with the competent authorities and reply to all questions that may occur.

Should a personal interview with the authorities be part of the admission procedure (i.e. in Germany, France, Austria), we help our candidates to prepare for this and to organize the trip there.

In most countries, the job search only makes sense, when the admission is granted or is close to being granted. At the appropriate point in time, we will scan the market for job vacancies and approach all related hospitals. It doesn’t matter, if they are clients of ours or not; we are prepared to work with all kind of hospitals.
We introduce our candidates by their CV and organize the following application procedure, if the hospital is interested: skype or phone interview, personal interview.

If desired, we will also check the labor contract and advise our candidates until the employment is done.

Also, after that, we will take care of our candidates: we support them in finding accommodation and handling authorities, schools, insurances etc.

It is our objective, to be there for our candidates whenever needed, to understand their desires and needs and to support them all over. Not only, when they take on the first job abroad, but also, when they will need / want the next one, when they will take the next career step or when they continue their career in another country (e.g. if they will go from Germany, Austria or France to Switzerland).

Our services are for free for our candidates. The only thing we ask in return is a time-limited commitment for an exclusive cooperation period – a fair deal.

We have applied for Approbation / working permission / recognition for many physicians from the EU as well as from outside the EU – and received it.
Many physicians have found a new professional and personal home by our activities.

personal international – we are building bridges between companies and new employees, between people and new challenges and often between different cultures and mentalities.